Online Course & Weekly iRest Groups

An introduction to iRest Yoga Nidra sleep meditation course

An introduction to iRest Yoga Nidra sleep meditation. In this 8 week course we will cover the 10 steps of the iRest protocol.

Each week there will be a introductory settling meditation, teaching and shared experiences on one or two of the steps, some Q&A and a longer practice to finish. The room will stay open for further Q&A for those who may to share experiences or who have question after the practice.

The course includes a recording of each session, a 188-page workbook (A key to freedom), a 90 page handbook (Waking up) and 23 tracks (5 hours) varying lengths of practices breaking down elements of the practice from short 2-3 mins to full length and medium length practices. Full details available on the meditation pack page.

The cost is £145 all-inclusive, with some bursary places available. The profits support our work in HMPPS sites, military veterans and people dealing with trauma and addiction. The course can be repeated by putting in a donation.

Thrive Inside offers support for people developing a Non-dual meditation practice to support rehabilitation in life and recovery.

We offer a weekly iRest meditation group live and via zoom as a hybrid session.

These groups are available to anyone interested in exploring and developing an iRest practice or any form of meditation practice to help you deal with the stresses of daily life. It may be to deepen your recovery, to help integrate back into society or just build tools to deal with the ups and downs of life.  There are different offerings with an 8-week course covering the 10 steps of iRest delivered as a 1-hour session each week so you can get do several practices and develop an understanding of the practice .

Bursary places are available for all courses and funds go towards helping to continue our work inside HMPPS sites


Hybrid live / online group covering the 10 steps of iRest.

Starts Tuesday 11th February 6-7:15pm.

Free online taster session

Tuesday February 4th 6-7:00 pm.


Next group starts

Tuesday February 11th 6-7:15pm.

Price for the 8-week course

 £60 in person and £50 via zoom.